Vincent Benham Designs. Interior Design in Brighton, London and the Home Counties
Vincent Benham Designs. Interior Design in Brighton, London and the Home Counties
Interior and spatial design
Interior and spatial design

Our services: designing your home

New clients are generally introduced through word of mouth and they come to Vincent Benham Designs for a variety of reasons. Some lack the time to take on big renovation projects, or want help with inspiring ideas and solutions, others want to create elegant and beautiful homes that are also practical with children and pets.

Most of our clients have homes in London and the Home Counties, but we have also completed projects in Miami, San Francisco, Sydney and Carcassonne. Whatever their differences, our clients have one thing in common. They understand the value of what we deliver; in terms of quality and service, and also financial savings against retail costs and the fees that larger design agencies charge.

Whatever the reason for choosing us, at Vincent Benham Designs we find out what you need and then give you exactly that.

    Interior Concept Design & Creation

Let's begin at the very beginning. The most important thing about interior and spatial design is that the space created actually works for the client. It's no good having a white palace if you have pets and children, it won't stay white for long. We take the time to get to know our clients and what they want. Then we create an environment which works for their actual needs, as well as their tastes and aesthetic desires.


    Spatial Architecture & Design

By understanding each client’s lifestyle and the way they use their environment we plan the use of space in a way that is practical as well as beautiful. We can restructure the use of space, designing practical solutions into the fabric of each room.


  Furnishing and Lighting Design

How often have you struggled to find a perfectly comfortable arm chair, or lamp shades in exactly your favourite colour, or an end table which is the correct height? At Vincent Benham Designs we will take away all of those problems by designing and commissioning furniture and lighting which exactly meets your requirements and perfectly compliments your home.


    Accessories & Styling

At Vincent Benham Designs, we know that structure and form are critical to creating a functional room. But, we also know that the accessories and the styling bring the whole thing together. Everyone has their personal treasures, keepsakes and family photographs. We find accessories which perfectly complement your items. Then we style and dress each room to its best effect.


    Project & Trades Management

After more than 20 years in the industry, we have built up strong relationships with suppliers and artisan trades. This enables us to manage everything from a simple room decoration to an entire house renovation. We can even manage planning applications taking the stress out of the entire process.


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